We’d like to thank our sponsors, who make our dreams really possible:

  • Harry I. Willett Foundation,  Ryan Willett,  Administrator
  • Mike and Cathy Mosman, Columbia,  Maryland
  • Bruce E Lee, Attorney at Law, Billings,  Montana
  • Billings Logan Airport, Billings,  Montana
  • Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Louisville Museum of Arts and Crafts, Louisville,  Kentucky
  • Oregon Historical Society, Portland,  Oregon
  • Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Great Falls,  Montana
  • First Peoples Buffalo Jump,  Ulm,  Montana
  • Vore Buffalo Jump,  Beulah,  Wyoming
  • Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Ft. McCloud,  Canada
  • Madison Buffalo Jump, Three Forks,  Montana
  • Drake Smith,  Billings,  Montana
  • Jon and Karen Burkhardt, Potomac,  Maryland
  • Yellowstone River Parks Association

Are you interested in being a sponsor?  Please contact us!