Lewis & Clark Tribute to the Tribes Exhibit

Over two hundred years ago, the First People were living throughout the West. When the Corps of Discovery passed through, the various tribes watched and assisted, sometimes assisting the most by allowing the Corps to travel through Native occupied lands, unchallenged. The Native Americans provided directions, information, food, horses and protection.  Without their assistance, the historic journey would have failed.

“A Flying Tribute to the Tribes” says thank you to the First People who participated in making this seminal American event succeed. By allowing Captains Lewis and Clark” to pass through unharmed, the Native tribes showed their curiosity and peacefulness, and a desire to expand their connections. The exhibit gives tribute to those that assured the success of our greatest, national¬† adventure.

American kite masters, using creativity and engineering precision, created these beautiful, well flying kites.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition went beyond the integration of east coast politicians and American Indian cultures and includes the cultures within the expedition itself. A slave born, freed for three years by an expedition, only to be enslaved upon his return home, Appalachian settlers and French and Spanish fur traders, a Native American woman and her child, career military men and half-Indian interpreters and scouts all living and working toward a common goal under extraordinary circumstances; the expedition is a lesson in multi-culturalism.

This is the sixth SkyWindWorld, Inc. exhibit at Billings Logan Airport since 1999.

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