Kites in the Classroom

“Kites in the Classroom” are educational programs where students learn basic science, engineering and math principles by being introduced to kite making.

For nearly a decade, SkyWindWorld has organized talented and knowledgeable kite makers to teach at schools and present community workshops as well as children’s museum programs and summer camps. In addition, we provide teacher workshops and educational materials.

We offer educational programs for both children and adults. A classroom kite program can contain the following:

Kite History   

  •  For 3000 years, and many cultures and traditions including China, Japan, Pacific Rim, India, Carribean, South America
  • The Inventors —      The Bells, Wright Brothers, Hargreave, Jalbert, Rogallo
  • Types of Kites —      Flat, Bowed, Flexible, Soft, Cellular, Trains, Multi-line
  • Today’s Kites —
    •      ‘Space Age’ Materials, Internet access, Kite Aerial Photography, Miniatures, Indoor Kiteflying
  • Kites as a gateway to technology, including
    • Aerodynamics, Environmental Monitoring, Power Generation, Ultralights
    • Kites as Science, Creative Play, Art, Speech, Dance, Teamwork


  • Materials and Construction, including  Kite line and Kite Reels/Winders, Spars, Tubes, Sticks, Bamboo, Carbon, Fiberglass, Kite Fittings, Kite Fabrics
  • Tools and Adhesives
  • Scaling rules, Geometry, Physics
  • Lift, Drag, Dihedral, Size
  • Kite Tails and other Embellishments
  • Hummers, Bear Drops, Strobes, Spinners
  • Kite Clubs and Kite culture, Kite Festivals
  • Kite Competition and Contests
  • Kitemaking as art/sculpture
  • Design/Innovation
  • Kiteflying, including Stunt/Ballet/Indoor rules

Teacher Training

  • Now Make Some Kites–
    • Pick 2-3 types and sizes
      – Gather materials, learn construction technique
      – Test and refine techniques, make comparisons
      – Show what you’ve learned, get critique’d
      – Teach what you’ve learned!

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