Native American Buffalo Kites

2013 was the first year of the Buffalo Kite Project, which is ongoing and will be adding more kites.  This exhibit features a collection of large, beautiful kites which have been painted by some of the nation’s most highly regarded Native American artists. The Buffalo Kite Project was conceived to highlight the historical importance of the buffalo, buffalo jumps, and First Nations art.  According to Terry Zee Lee, SkyWindWorld founder, “Kites are a marvelous way to honor the history of the Buffalo Jumps, along with being a great learning tool involving science, math, engineering, art, aerodynamics, and weather. The concept of making well-known Native artists’ buffalo images soar off the edge of the jump into the sky, instead of plunging to their death, is a very exciting process and we look forward to making that happen on July 20th.”

You can read more about these kites on our Blog, and look at some images here. And here’s a link to an article about the Buffalo Kites!

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