Lewis & Clark

This exhibition included twenty seven art kites, made by North America’s premier kite builders, interpreting the Corps of Discovery’s arduous journey to the Pacific Ocean and the return to St. Louis. Nine kites show events that impacted the Corps members, nine more interpret the plants, animals, river and streams the Corps encountered on their trip and nine additional kites reflect the contributions made by Native American tribes that assured the success of the journey.

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“The Visions of Lewis and Clark” Kite Collection exhibition was staged at the Billings airport from January 20th, 2004 through September of 2006.

From November 16th, 2011 to February 20th, 2012, the collection was exhibited at the Louisville Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and the Old Waterworks Building in Louisville, Kentucky.  This exhibit included kite building workshops and public flying days.  The York kite, painted by world famous sculptor Ed Hamilton, was added to the collection.  See the exhibition flyer here.

The collection was on display from February 27th, 2012 to May 24th, 2012  at the Oregon Historical Society Building in downtown Portland, Oregon. A large rendering of Captain Lewis’s brand, with the Oregon  Historical Society logo on it, made by Drake Smith, was added to the collection.

From May 28th, 2012 through January of 2013, the collection was on display at the  Great Falls Montana airport and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, Montana. This exhibit included public kite building and flying days, public lectures about the kites and kite flying demonstrations.  A new kite, “Undaunted by Hail, painted by Dawn Seivers and built by Drake Smith, was added to the collection, representing events that occurred outside of Great Falls in 1805.

From May 15th, 2013 until March of 2014  “A Flying Tribute to the Tribes”  was presented at Billings Logan Airport.  This exhibit included eighteen wonderful Native American themed kites say “thank you” to the Native nations that assisted Lewis and Clark over 200 years ago.  The Indians of many tribes fed, clothed, sheltered, protected and gave directions to the explorers, assuring the success of their journey, and we finally thanked them after 200 years had passed!

The entire exhibit was on display at ten locations in Omaha from May 12 to August 23, 2014.  Visions of Lewis & Clark kites were be on view at participating locations throughout the metro area including KANEKO, the Joslyn Art Museum, and Lauritzen Gardens, among others. There were also family activites and a kite expo as part of this Lewis and Clark celebration.





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