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  • The Flying Buffalo Project - buffalo themed kites created by reknown Native American artists
  • Buffalo kites flying at The Vore in 2017
  • 2017 Longbeach International Kite Festival
  • Visions of Lewis & Clark - their journey revisioned and stories told in kites
  • Community workshop for the Chumesh tribe in Northern California provided fun learning
  • Flying Buffalo kites at the Madison Buffalo Jump
  • School Visits - we teach school children STEM concepts by building and flying kites
  • Kite arch at Madison Buffalo Jump 2017
  • Buffalo Kites at pow wow
  • 2017 Buffalo kite by John Cadote
  • Visions installed at The Oregon Historical Society
  • Visions installed the the Lewis and Clark Trail Headquarters

STEM Learning

We teach science, technology, engineering and math skills to school children while having fun building and flying kites


Kite Commissions

We can create a custom kite with your logo and colors in any size you need - perfect for events that require a visual impact


Kite Shows

Our kites tour around the nation and the world - Check our latest schedule - Be sure to find us summer 2019 in St. Louis!


Exhibits and Activities

  • Gallery Installation

  • Historical Museum

  • First Congressional Church

  • Logan International Airport

  • University Powwow

  • Lewis and Clark Trail Headquarters

  • Library Display

  • International Kite Festival

  • Oregon Historical Society

  • Classroom Activities

  • Preparing for Launch

  • Kite Flying FUN!


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