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Cellular Kite Celebration

The “Celebration of Cellular Kites” exhibit features award-winning pieces built over the past 20 years by artists from around the world.

Cellular kites are inventive formations that are beautiful from every visual plane, bringing function and form together in a whole new dimension. Fascinating angles combined with bright, colorful panels create unusual, unique sky sculptures that are unrivaled in appearance and stability. However, few people know their place in history … a fascinating evolution that involves Dr. Alexander Graham Bell and the beginning of manned flight, rescue indicators for World War II allied airman who were downed at sea, the development of the National Weather Service’s weather monitoring equipment, and much more.


Although most people recognize Bell as the inventor of the telephone, he also had a great passion for both aeronautics and kites, and used kites to further his knowledge of human assisted flight. The first controlled manned flight took place in one of Bell's kites in 1907—an extremely large cellular kite named the Cygnet. Bell’s contributions to the development of flight are significant; however in America, the chief stimulus for scientific kite-flying was recognition by the United States Weather Bureau that important information could be obtained concerning weather using kites capable of lifting meteorological instruments to high elevations. Congress made appropriations to the Weather Bureau to aid its kite experiments, and a number of meteorological stations throughout the United States and Europe used kites as a part of the science of predicting weather until satellites were deployed. Perhaps one of the most admirable uses of cellular kites was the famous “Gibson Girl” kites that were given to allied airman to release if they were downed at sea. Examples of these historic kites are included in this exhibit.


CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS (Please scroll down to view all the kites in the exhibit)

1. Drake Smith, Springfield, Virginia

2. Ferruh Baysu, Ankara,Turkey

3. Harold Ames, King George, Virginia

15. Kathy Goodwind
4. Sponsor’s Kite

16. Michael Alvarez

5. Drake Smith

17. Spenser Chun

6. Tony Ferrel

18. Cliff Quinn
7. Maurizio Angeletti
19. Ferruh Baysu

8. Sam Huston
20. Tony Ferrel

9. Premier Kites
21. Kathy Goodwind

10. John Pollock

22. Bobby Stanfield
11. Bobby Stanfield

23. Waldof Box Kite - Donated by Margo and Bevan Brown

12. Drake Smith

24. Jan Pieter Kuil and Jan Van Nederpelt, Netherlands

13. Stuart Allan

25. Paul and Helena Morgan, Shropshire, UK

14. Ron Gibian
26. John Pollock